WOTICS the European Project for supporting people with Asperger Syndrome in finding a job

We have been to Alicante (Spain) to create new methods of support for people with Autism Asperger’s (project WOTICS). People with Asperger’s Syndrome encounter countless difficulties at work and are often penalized, despite their great skills.

Because what few people know is that when we talk about autism, we are actually talking about a rather broad spectrum of possible conditions.

Asperger’s Syndrome is called “highly functioning”, precisely because it does not involve delays on a linguistic and intellectual level. Indeed, very often people with Asperger’s Syndrome have an ability to grasp out of the ordinary details.

Precisely because it is “high functioning”, often the diagnosis that is made is late or wrong. Indeed, some experts fail to recognize this condition.

Furthermore, the world of work is organized precisely in order not to be inclusive towards them. Few business management experts have the skills to understand neurodiversity and recognize its value.

And it is a missed opportunity, not only for people with Asperger’s Syndrome but also for the companies themselves.

People with Asperger’s Syndrome:

  • have difficulty using eye contact
  • don’t often use reciprocity
  • they mean the meanings literally
  • lack of common goals
  • have narrow and high intensity elements of interest (which are perceived by others as bizarre)

All these elements are in contrast with the corporate strategies:

think of all the clichés and practices that are used in personnel selection contexts. Imagine what conclusions the average interviewer makes when interviewing a person who never uses eye contact.
imagine all the elements of social cohesion and team building
think about how often, people with Asperger’s can be bullied (and this often happens even earlier – at school)
We started in Alicante, Spain, to create support methods for people with Asperger’s Syndrome
in fact, from 12 to 14 February we were convened as part of the WOTICS project. A project headed by Aspali, the main association supporting people with Asperger’s Syndrome in Alicante.

The partnership includes the cooperation of organizations from Spain, Austria, Italy and Romania.

AIJU, Aspali, Psihoforworld, ALP are with us.

The ultimate goal is to create a Virtual Reality simulator dedicated to people with Asperger’s Autism.

The simulator will be able to propose hypothetical problematic work situations to the person whose solution is required, thanks to social skills.

We believe that the training of people must pass above all through practice.

But it’s terrible to have to do it at your own risk.

The difficulties at work of people with Asperger’s Syndrome
Work settings are often designed for neurotypical people and not accepting neurodiversity is a real risk for people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Virtual Reality simulator will allow people with Asperger’s Autism to develop the social skills necessary to be successful at work.

They will therefore finally be able to face the work experience to the fullest and develop their potential.

During the experience we shared in Alicante, at the University headquarters, we drew the conclusions for the production of the following results. The results will be free for everyone:

guide for people with Asperger’s Syndrome to increase their social skills. These are essential skills to enter and remain in the world of work
chatbot. It is a virtual assistant capable of communicating automatically with the person and suggesting effective work behaviors
Virtual reality: it is a simulator of work contexts in which the person can experiment with new skills

Write me at iiaphs.associazione@gmail.com for further information

Health Through Movement Project

Health Through Movement is an Erasmus+ Project approved by the European Commission through the action of ANPCDEFP, the Romanian National Agency. This project is designed to produce intellectual outputs in the field of Healthy lifestyle through physical activity and sports psychology.

The partnership is led by Fit Express International srl (Romania) together with Zivac Group (Romania), IIAPHS (Italy) and OPEI (Cyprus). Materials produced will be translated in English, Romanian, Greek and Italian

For further information contact iiaphs.associazione@gmail.com +39 3295997585

Communication Management in Tourism

Communication Management in Tourism is an Erasmus plus project approved by the European Commission through APCDEFP, the Romanian National Agency. This project is based on the international partnership of Tourism Hospitality Events Management, Zivac Group Central from Romania, Rivensco Consulting ltd from Cyprus, IIAPHS and Buone Vacanze from Italy. The goal of this project is to produce research and intellectual materials for increasing the quality of communication and management in tourism, with specific attention to hospitality towards people with disability.

For further information contact the partner organisation.

Contact reference Igor Vitale iiaphs.associazione@gmail.com

+39 3295997585

International Instant Hypnosis Course in Milan

Dr. Igor Vitale, the President of International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences has been invited at the International Instant Hypnosis Course held in Milan, organized by IPCA.

Dr. Vitale explained the logic under the writing of an effective Hypnotic Script together with the following keynote speakers:

Marco Paret

Daniela Lukic

Elio Isaia

Giuseppe Arena

World Congress of Hypnosis (Rome, June 2018)

Dr. Igor Vitale, the President of International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences has been invited as keynote speaker at the World Congress of Hypnosis, organized by IPCA in the June of 2018.

Dr. Igor Vitale introduced the event and held a speech together with guests:

Marco Paret

Mads Aggerholm Munch Lange

Raymi Phenix

Fiammetta Bianchi

Giancarlo Russo

Ilaria Polidori

Mkouonga Wabo

Monica Lazzara

Manuela Pompas

Domenico Lisi

EuRoPsychAssist Final Conference (Bucharest – June, 2017)

International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences members has been invited to speak at the EuRoPsychAssist Final Conference. This event is the final multiplier event of the KA1 Erasmus+ Projects led by the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs in partnership with International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences and Police Forces from several EU countries. The main topic of the project is psychology of emergency.

Members of the IIAPHS delegation:

Igor Vitale – trainer

Claudio Iacono – photographer

Juanita Pilar Coppola – trainer

Iolanda Ippolito – trainer

Giuseppina Seppini – trainer